Replace Cuisinart Parts for DLC-10P, DLC-10S, Pro Classic, and DLC-10SCH Food Processors

13 Jun

For those of you who love your older Cuisinart Food Processor, many of you may be having trouble finding replacement parts that work with models DLC-10P, DLC-10S, Pro Classic, and DLC-10SCH. This is because Cuisinart redesigned their replacement parts and no longer offers your original amber colored parts.

Instead, they updated the Food Processor models with a set of grey colored parts that have been redesigned so that the lid and pusher lock separately. If you are in need of a new Pusher or Lid you will need a new Cuisinart Large Pusher Bowl and Lid Assembly Upgrade Kit.

If you only need a new bowl, you will not need to worry about replacing the lid because it is the same diameter.

Now you can stop the search for parts that no longer exist and enjoy your reliable Food Processor again!


Having Trouble Removing Blender Coupling?

16 May

Replacing the parts on your blender is an easy way to save money and will allow you to keep enjoy using your favorite KitchenAid products. Here is an easy way to remove your old worn out, sometimes stubborn, coupling before installing your new Rubber Clutch Coupling. 


  • Large Flat Bladed Screw Driver

1. Unplug your Blender!!!

2. With the blender facing you, use your flat blade screw driver and insert it between the black drive coupler and the blender housing.

Step 1

Disconnect Power Before Servicing

3. Bend the Drive coupler up by raising up on the screw driver while turning the coupler approximately 1/4 turn. Repeat elevating the screw driver higher each time. After 3 or 4 attempts your coupler will come off of the  motor shaft.

4. Check the threads of the blender motor shaft and remove any left over metal shavings from the old coupler. Place the new Coupler on the motor shaft and turn COUNTER clockwise until tight.

During normal operation the blender drive coupler
is constantly kept tight; therefore it is not necessary to tighten
more than hand tight.

If you need a gasket for your blade use a KitchenAid Coupling Repair Kit!!